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Advantages of a desk

Advantages of a desk

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A desk is the ideal tool for work and leisure.

Why buy a desk?

– In the office, a desk is essential for working with order and security and supports any type of PC or appropriate documentation;

– A corner desk reduces the space to occupy, fully performing its optimal function;

– A desk in a bedroom helps your children to do their homework in an orderly manner, but also for fun and entertainment activities such as drawing, coloring, etc .;

– Other models such as those with bookshelves included are useful for maintaining order about reading books, study books or university books that can be easily consulted.

In summary, the desk is the ideal product for you if:

– you work in an office and you need a plan to work;

– you need a table top even in the case of corner spaces;

– you have children who study or practice activities that require a similar tool;

– you have several books to organize, you can easily consult and you need a usage plan.

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Guide to choosing a planter

Guide to choosing a planter

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If you have decided to reorganize the spaces dedicated to plants, whether it be a garden or a balcony, you need to understand which type of tool you can use to get the effect you want.

In this guide we will explain how to set up a space dedicated to green.


The choice between pots and planters depends on the space available and the place where the plants would be placed.

The vases are expressly recommended for balconies or in any case extremities that do not support considerable weights on them, as well as for plants of not large dimensions.

The space occupied by the pots must be proportionate to the place where the plants are to be placed.

The effect of dense vegetation, as long as it involves small and medium-sized plants, can therefore also be obtained by placing vessels in the chosen location.

If, on the other hand, you have more space or a solid structure to set up that can hold a considerable weight, you can opt for large planters.

The idea of furnishing your own balcony or garden or a terrace that would otherwise appear bare, means wanting to give color to the entire structure and enjoy the scents that plants can provide.


To understand which type of planter is most appropriate for your space, you need to know the main features of the planters currently on the market.

The materials are different: from undoubtedly the most economical resin to essential wood, or to cement, wrought iron, stone or the most common plastic.

Also the shape has its remarkable importance: it goes from those of minimal dimensions, to the wider ones, to then pass to those dedicated to climbing plants.

Once you have established materials and shapes and identified a style to stick to, you can start to get a little more precise idea of ​​how your project starts to come alive!


Planters in wood: if you are interested in setting up your garden and protecting the roots of your plants from climate changes that can vary from excessive cold during the winter to exaggerated drought in the height of summer, you can opt for this type of planters.

Advantages: They allow a greater transpiration of the soil; rather thermally insulating; natural looking and pleasant to the eye.

Disadvantages: If not treated appropriately, it does not adequately prevent the leakage of water.

Plants: those most subject to major changes in temperature.

Plastic flower pots: they are easily adaptable and can be coordinated with the surrounding furniture, due to the wide choice of colors on the market; these planters are rather inexpensive and versatile, and excellent both in larger and smaller spaces.

Advantages: the material is durable over time and does not need special precautions; it is suitable for both internal and external locations; the purchase prices are rather low.

Disadvantages: If you expose this type of planters to the sun for too long, the external coloring of the product may lighten; the material of the planter has no drainage characteristics so it does not retain water, causing it to drip.

Plants: generally plants that do not develop voluminous roots can be suitable, because they could bend the side parts of the planter.

Planters in resin: the choice falls on this kind of product if you want to combine the characteristics of color and fantasy of furniture, with those of resistance to atmospheric agents. These planters, in fact, much more durable than plastic ones, retain their versatility, increasing their effectiveness.

Advantages: economic, light and easily transportable; the choice between models is vast for the various colors and designs; resistant for outdoor environments.

Disadvantages: they can appear aesthetically fake, showing to the visitor’s eye that note more unpleasant than the others.

Plants: any such as hydrangeas, geraniums, surfini, etc.

Concrete planters: some with more geometric shapes and straight lines, others more particular and soft, these planters are definitely suitable for external contexts, due to their important weight and the volumetric space they occupy.

Advantages: they guarantee exceptional resistance and can also support the weights of very large trees.

Disadvantages: they are definitely heavy and difficult to move; you need a large space to place them correctly and if you buy the non-perforated type, you have to opt for a resin planter to be placed inside the cement one so that your plants grow florid.

Plants: any plant that likes to monopolize the garden spaces to the detriment of other plants, such as the boungaville, but also plants and flowers with the most intense colors and fragrances.

Wrought iron planters: which are distinguished in planters with a fuller use of the material, and in those that act as a support for vases or planters in resin or plastic. By calculating an appropriate weight for this kind of products, you can opt for the most varied designs.

Advantages: the customization of these planters is among the best, in fact they can be vertical or horizontal depending on the needs and bring back desired themes and fantasies.

Disadvantages: they need maintenance in a way that is more repeated over time than other planters; those with more details and greater use of material cost more.

Plants: all, because they are not excessively heavy.

Rattan planters: this is a fiber that is extracted and processed directly from a certain type of palm, therefore it is a rather light eco-friendly material of plant origin. Inside they still contain an aluminum layer.

Advantages: aesthetically very nice to see, this material is light and easy to place even on balconies.

Disadvantages: being of natural origin, the material does not last long and tends to be damaged.

Plants: any type of plants, especially those belonging to the palm family.


For any planter to be chosen among those indicated above, it is necessary to add the need to opt for a suitable form and model for the spaces available: in fact, they exist on the market from classic rectangular to angular models, to those with balustrades and supports , so that any need can be adequately addressed.

It is recommended that you have a precise idea of ​​the space you want to use so that the plants have a precise location, so as to create harmony and enhance the whole environment.

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Benefits of a vase or planter

Advantages of a vase / planter

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A vase or a planter are excellent allies for a fresh, colorful and fragrant home.

Why buy a vase or a planter?

– Because it guarantees the growth of plants and flowers inside your home, it guarantees color and perfumes the environment;

– Because in the case of larger pots or planters, you can also cultivate and collect culinary products such as tomatoes;

– Because the presence of plants increases oxygen and decreases carbon dioxide in the air;

– Because there is no precise age or time, if you have a green thumb;

– Because you can get a little green corner even in big cities.

In short, a vase or planter is the right product for you if:

– You want a house with fragrant notes and colorful colors;

– You want to grow your own quantities of vegetables;

– You want a more oxygenated air in domestic environments;

– You have a green thumb and you want to show it at home too;

– You want green to be part of your life, even in the city.

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Advantages of a shelf

Advantages of a shelf

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A shelf, both for domestic and office use, is the best ally to maintain order and cleanliness.

Why buy a shelf?

– Because the placement of objects correctly, ensures order in every environment;

– Because storing boxes of different sizes, it may seem difficult if you don’t use a shelf;

– Because it is possible to exploit the verticality of its structure, to place a large number of objects;

– Because depending on the height of the shelf-based feet, cleaning can be carried out efficiently even under the cabinet;

– Because normally a shelf guarantees resistance and a rather important maximum load, as long as it is arranged in a balanced way.

In summary, a shelf is the right object for you if:

– You want the environment, for whatever purpose is desinato, to be ordered to the view;

– You don’t know where else to store boxes and boxes;

– You have a considerable number of objects to store even vertically;

– You want to make cleaning easier by vacuuming easily under the shelf;

– You want a strong piece of furniture to store your items.

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Advantages of a chest

Advantages of a chest

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The best ally for the order is the chest.

Why buy a chest?

– Because winter blankets can be kept inside that during the warm months would have no other location, without clogging traditional cabinets, or placing them in other places where they could get dirty or be impossible to shoot;

– Because you can put on clothes and clothing that are no longer used, or that are only worn occasionally, before being disposed of;

– Because it can also be used as a storage compartment, a laundry basket to support everyday life, for all those objects whose use is more occasional;

– Because when it is present in a specific room, the order is more evident, since the content of a chest can vary according to needs but it is never visible to visitors;

– Because depending on the material chosen, you can also sit, fulfilling one of its functions;

– Because it is a simple object to clean and dust and does not involve particular ordinary maintenance.

In summary, the chest is the ideal product for you if:

– You don’t know where to place the blankets during the change of season;

– You have no idea where to put your old clothes before you get rid of them;

– You need a glove box or a chest that doesn’t show what’s inside it;

– You want to tidy up the room in question;

– You can use it as a support bench, as well as a containment box;

– You want to make cleaning operations easier.

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