Slows the dispersion of heat which translates into gas savings!

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The high quality materials make it durable and long lasting


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Advantages of a washing machine cover

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In smaller homes, the need to hide the washing machine for aesthetic and non-aesthetic reasons very often arises. In fact in many houses the washing machine is not found in special rooms like the laundry, but for structural needs it can be found in the kitchen, in the closet or on the balcony.


Buying a metal washer cover has many aesthetic and non-aesthetic advantages. They can be divided into two categories: Indoor and outdoor washer covers.

The indoor washer covers are very often in fabric, but can also be found in metal of different colors to better adapt them to all types of environments. The fabric washer covers need more maintenance, while the metal ones do not.

The outdoor washer covers are very varied, they are found in different colors and materials, such as metal, which is very resistant, requires little or no maintenance and guarantees durability for long periods, even in particular climatic conditions.

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Advantages of a small cabinet

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Why buy a small cabinets?

The small cabinets are furnishing accessories used mainly inside the offices, where they are used to store and protect important documents.

Most of these cabinets are made of metal in order to guarantee the privacy and safety of the material stored in them, which is why they are almost all with a key lock.

Furthermore, this type of locker is also used in the changing rooms of sports facilities or in working environments, to allow visitors and / or employees to store valuables that cannot be carried around during work or sport.

Buying a small cabinet means having a space where to keep certain items safe, but nevertheless they are very light and easy to open and close.

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Polyester powder paint


Polyester is a highly resilient material and has excellent resistance to physical and chemical agents.

Powdered paint is used extensively in many fields such as industry and architecture where metal protection is required.



Pre-finished sheet

lamiera prerivestita

The pre-coated sheet is made of a layer of galvanized sheet coated with PVC film or other polymers that guarantee resistance to atmospheric agents.

Advantages in quality

The material can better satisfy elements such as design, beauty and results
Uniform coating (higher quality and uniformity compared to the product resulting from the post-coating)
The coating gives a very pleasant appearance and porosity in the product
Very high resistance to degradation and rust
Durability (reduces the possibility of scratches)

Recyclable Steel

riciclaggio metallo

Steel is a Green material. In fact, unlike plastic, it is recyclable in percentage close to 100% without loss of quality !!!

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